By Nicolas Martineau, B.Sc.

To the great joy of our team, since the launch of our spirulina products, people have been genuinely impressed by its great taste. In addition to easily mixing in water, its taste is subtle, pleasant, without any bad odor, and leaves room for the carefully chosen organic flavors.

We have worked so hard on this aspect. After literally tasting and smelling all the spirulinas available in stores and online, our finding was clear: the spirulinas being sold did not smell good and were not tasty! Some spirulina products had a strong fish odor and an unpleasant swampy taste. All reasons not to repurchase.

A challenge was thus before us, and it was crucial that our customers didn’t grimace while taking our spirulina. Spirulina is so good nutritionally that it would be disastrous if it didn’t taste good and people stopped taking it for this reason.

After several researches, we understood that several factors influenced its taste, and it is also for these reasons that we can guarantee that our organic spirulina tastes better. Here are 9 factors that make THE difference for our Land Art spirulina:

Cultivation Method
  • CHOSEN CULTIVATION METHOD: Open-air cultivation and greenhouse cultivation are the two main types of spirulina cultivation methods. We chose greenhouse-cultivated spirulina to allow better control of all elements influencing its culture and to protect it from external contaminants. Better control helps to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria or algae, ensuring better quality and stability from batch to batch.
  • WATER QUALITY: Water is a vital element for spirulina. We chose a producer who draws groundwater that is naturally alkaline. Not only is the water pure, but its quality is constantly checked and renewed. The water used during its processing is also pure, ensuring the best possible taste.
Spirulina Manufacturing
  • NUTRIENTS USED TO GROW SPIRULINAFor growth and multiplication, spirulina needs light, carbon dioxide, minerals, adequate temperature, and pH, as well as other nutrients necessary for its growth, multiplication, and survival. Some producers use all sorts of organic waste and even putrefying materials.

Our producer uses only odorless organic plant materials that are not contaminated and are good for human consumption. It is actually a liquid extract of certified organic plant compost that is used. It has been digested by natural enzymes to increase the bioavailability of its nutrients. This extract is also analyzed in laboratory to guarantee its nutritional qualities and the absence of heavy metals and other contaminants. Everything is done with the utmost care to ensure exceptional quality.

  • TIMES REQUIRED FOR PROCESSING AFTER HARVEST: Once spirulina is mature and sufficiently present in culture media, it must be harvested and undergo several stages to be turned into powder. The time required for this transformation must be as short as possible because spirulina is still alive and can develop bad odors and a bad taste when exposed to air and water for too long. Our producer pays great attention to this processing step. Our Land Art spirulina is therefore transformed and powdered immediately after harvest to guarantee the best organoleptic profile and nutritional values.
  • DRYING METHOD USED: The drying step is very important because it can negatively impact the nutritional qualities of spirulina, its odor, and its taste. In our case, spirulina is dried in a few seconds to limit oxidation, maximize its nutritional values, and obtain an excellent taste and optimal odor.
  • FRESHNESS: Our producer manufactures certified organic spirulina every day to guarantee impeccable freshness. Our supplier does not store its spirulina for weeks or months. The organic spirulina we use is the freshest available.
  • QUALITY OF PACKAGING DURING TRANSPORT: To guarantee the best taste possible, our supplier packs our organic spirulina in opaque, vacuum-sealed containers. This way, our spirulina is not in contact with light or oxygen from the air. Thus, our organic spirulina remains intact during transport and does not develop bad odors or a bad taste.
  • LAND ART SELECTS ONLY THE BEST BATCHES: As an additional measure, Land Art requires selecting the best production batches. Before ordering, our supplier sends us samples of each available batch so that we can perform all the analyses in our laboratories and our external laboratory concerning its taste, odor, purity, and nutritional qualities. Once our batch is chosen, we authorize its shipment to our factory.
  • ADDITION OF OUR LAND ART CHLOROPHYLL TO OUR SPIRULINA: Although spirulina is green and contains chlorophyll, the chlorophyll naturally contained in this microalgae is not bioavailable or effective for odor control. That’s why we chose to add our Land Art chlorophyll to our spirulina and make it a superior product to anything available on the market.Beyond its great taste, our quality assurance and quality control team works tirelessly and with the utmost rigor to guarantee the highest purity. All our batches of finished products are rigorously tested to ensure the absence of contaminants such as heavy metals, residual solvents, bacteria, yeasts, molds, toxins, etc. All our selected batches must also comply with organic agriculture and all the documentation we require, such as non-GMO and gluten-free statements as well as the absence of recognized major allergens.With our Land Art spirulina, you can be assured of the highest quality possible.

Organic Spirulina

3000mg/ capsules

Spirulina Extra

Powder Unflavored

Spirulina Extra

Powder Mint Flavor


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